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Aeolis City is a renewed energy city that is located on the "Red Planet" Mars and is capital of Mars. The city were constructed by over 10000 robots in the year 2039 CE. It was an order from the United Nations(then became Sol United Alliance Federation), because of the huge overpopulation on Earth. In 2052 CE, the city was completed, and it will have a population of 2 million humans. In 2058 CE, Aeolis City became the capital on Mars when the Martian Autonomous Republican Federation was founded.

Aeolis City is located within Gale Crater and is surrounding the Martian mountain Mount Sharp(Aeolis Mons) and is also beneath the mountain in underground tunnels. Before humans settled on Mars, NASA sent the Curiosity rover to Mars to explore Gale Crater and landed there on 6th of August in 2012.

In 2046 CE, some years before the completion of the construction of the city, 1000 citizens of Earth were sent to Mars to colonize and settle down in Aeolis City, A couple of months later, a 1000 more were sent to Mars. In 2052 CE, when the city were completed, the population of Aeolis City has reached 300,000 citizens. In 2058 CE was the year the population has reached 2 million citizens, which is the capability, and United Nations is gonna keep going to send more robot-workers to expand the city, and in the years that were coming the population kept increasing but in a slower rate. During the second half of 21st century in late 2060s, Earth was facing a near extinction-level event where the human population decreased several millions every year until the Federation decided to relocate most of the human population to Mars. Aeolis City was expanded massively to have many millions of people to be able to live there. By the end of the 21st century, the population on Mars was up to over 4.3 billion. Over three and a half billion people on Earth died in just over 30 years


  • In 2039 CE, about 20000 to 30000 robots, from the Sol Robotic Military Alliance(SRMA) were sent to the Red Planet to construct Aeolis City till colonists were going to arrive Mars to settle down. The city were completed in 2052.
  • In late 2070s, the population of Aeolis City reached 1 billion people due to the massive relocation from Earth.