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Aeolis City Military Camp for Youths is a military camp based on the planet Mars in the Sol System, located just 2 km outside the constructed city Aeolis City. The military camp was formed a few years after Mars were colonized by humans, in the year 2051 AD. It is the SHMA, Sol Humanitarian Military Alliance who started military training on Mars. They are recruiting kids from 12 to 18 years, and then when they are finished training there, they get transferred over to an another military camp that is also located on Mars.


  • Commander Christopher Rankinson aka Commander Orana Alvena, started his military training here.
  • Julia Lariana, a childhood friend of Commander Christopher Rankinson also had military training here.

Location of Aeolis City, Aeolis Mons(Mount Sharp). The image were taken by the Curiosity rover in August 2013. Also where the military camp is located.