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Alvazeranians is an advanced intelligent civilization living on New Zerania/Gliese 667 Ce around the real star Gliese 667 C. They are moving the civilization to New Zerania from Zerania IV as the host star to the planet is at the end of it's life as it is a blue giant. The Alvazeranians have terraformed Gliese 667 Ce to make it habitable. There are no other civilizations living already in this solar system.

Alvazeranians are actually coming from Andromeda/Xurunia Galaxy and they left it before the Xurunians conquered and caused mass genocide on civilizations in the galaxy


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Noteable people[]

  • Zaroja, leader of the Alvazeranian civilization
  • Zalena Laranii Alvena, wife to Commander Orana Alvena from Alverian civilization