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Alvera A/B, is a binary extrasolar system 1500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius. Main-star Alvera A is a yellow dwarf star similiar to the Sun and it's companion Alvera B is a red dwarf star separated 0.099 light-years or 6,300 AU from Alvera A.

Alvera A has a finished Extrasolar System and is hosting most of the planets in this star system and is inhabited by the advanced intelligent Alverian civilization. There are currently only one habitable world, and one more is about to become habitable after it has been terraformed. Alvera A and B share however comets that travel between the two stars and there are some comets that has impacted both stars over time and some are former comets in a fixed orbit and are small asteroids. Alvera B didn't get enough mass to form an asteroid belt but there are a few minorplanets orbiting around it.

Alvera A and Alvera B are located within a stellar cluster where more stars have formed and is spanning over several light-years(20 or more).