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Alvera F, is a sun-like star located 1480 light-years from Earth viewed in the Sagittarius constellation. Alvera F is a little bit less smaller in size and mass compared to the Sun. Alvera F is part of a star cluster together with other close nearby stars in the Alvera Stellar System.


Inner system to the star does not have an asteroid belt as that part is mostly cleared up with mass but there is an outer asteroid belt between 35 to 45 AU. It is orbiting 4 planets around Alvera F, and one planet is inhabited by the Alverian civilization, called Theiana. It is a terraformed planet that provides food to the Alverian civilization so there are mostly just farmers on this planet. The three other planets are one gas giant and two other terrestrial planets but not habitable. Alvera F has also 6 dwarf planets. 4 of them are in the outer extrasolar system. The 5th is located between Theiana and the gas giant planet and the 6th one further closer to the star.


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