Comets Janus Oct2043


System: Alvera System
                                       Living: New Alveria
                                       Race:   Alverian
                                       Gender: Male, female
                                       Height: 1.9-2.6m
                                       Number: 3,400,000,000 people




Alverian is an intelligent civilization living on a world called New Alveria, a habitable moon, orbiting a gas giant planet in the Alvera solarsystem, 1500 light-years away from Earth. They lived before on a planet called Alveria, before it was destructed. The Alverian civilization made to escape this world, but the loss was a great disaster


  • Almost wiped out by the Cronosian civilization from Xurunia Galaxy.
  • On the old homeworld Alveria, 4 billion of the Alverian civilization were lossed in the attack, about 63% of what was the total number of them. Decreased from 6.9 to 2.9 billion people. From the story, their current number of the Alverian civilization is 3.4 billion. 1 billion people already lived on their colony New Alveria and they were not affected
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