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The Alverian-Cronosian/Xurunian War III was a conflict that resulted into a war, because that the leader of the Cronosian civilization has heard that Commander Orana Alvena has returned, re-born on Earth to the human civilization. The war lasted in 1 year, until the leader of the Cronosian civilization were defeated. It lasted from 2068 to 2069. The war originally lasted in 14 years to 2084, because there were still ongoing a conflict between the Inter-Galactic Federation and the Cronosian army. The war ended with a cease-fire, and the Cronosian army eventually gave up, and the Inter-Galactic Federation gained control of the civilians to the Cronosian civilization in the Xurunia Galaxy/Andromeda Galaxy.

Inter-Galactic Federation

Civilizations: Humans, Alverian, Peurobian, Aurigan, Alvazeranian, Laranian, Titanian, Ramunian, Mordok, Isaka'Erda
Leaders: Commander Orana Alvena, Ayani'lorena, King Borana of Janus, Zona Alvena, Athenia,  King Auriga, Commander Zaroja
Military soldiers: +2 billion

Xurunian Federation

​Civilizations: Cronosian
Leaders: Cronos, Carylo
Military soldiers: +14 billion