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Alverians is an advanced intelligent civilization living on a world called New Alveria, a habitable moon, orbiting a gas giant planet in the Alvera System, 1500 light-years away from Earth. They lived before on a planet called Alveria, before it was attacked by the Carylonian Empire. The Alverian civilization made to escape this world, but the loss was a great disaster


  • Majority of the population are adults, due to very low birth and death rates. Since the Alverians can get very old, there aren't very many children in the Alverian civilization
  • Almost wiped out by the Carylonian civilization from Xurunia Galaxy.
  • On the old homeworld Alveria, 4 billion of the Alverian civilization were lossed in the attack, about 63% of what was the total number of them. Decreased from 6.9 to 2.9 billion people, which means less than 2 billion from Alveria made it out. From the story, their current number of the Alverian civilization is around 3.7 billion. 1 billion people already lived on their colony New Alveria and they were not affected
  • About 1/3 of the population is part of the military force. The Alverians are almost never involved in a military conflict so when not serving as soldiers they are in many different type of work like engineers, pilots, medics, technicians, biologists and some are also ambassadors to other civilizations(mostly in Milky Way galaxy).