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Boran Alvena'ora was the first leader of the Alverian civilization. He was born 9.6 billion years BC, almost 3 billion years after the birth of the Milky Way galaxy. He was also one of the first leaders of the Milky Way galaxy.

Boran Alvena'ora is most known as defeating the Xurunian civilization. The Xurunians had a plan to conquer the Milky Way galaxy and the rest of the universe, but that they failed. They had total control of the Xurunia Galaxy and the neighbouring small galaxies for millions of years, but after it was no more of the Xurunia Galaxy, Boran Alvena'ora decided to form an alliance, so everyone would have control of the Xurunia Galaxy.

The Alverian civilization are not actually from the Milky Way galaxy. They are actually from another galaxy called Alvera Galaxy, far beyond the observable universe. They are actually from another universe, a universe filled with immortal gods and heroes. There are existing only 7 universes. There are 1 universe in the center, and that is where the Alverians are originating from. That is where many other civilizations are coming from aswell.