Carylo, is the homeworld to the Xurunian civilization and also the Carylonians. It is located within the Andromeda/Xurunia Galaxy. Carylo is classified as a super-Earth. The planet is habitable. Carylo has a very large population with over 8.5 billion Xurunians, over 6 billion Carylonians and also over 6 billion humanoids, although most of the humanoids are onboard warships in outer space. After the Carylonian-Peurobian war around 25myr BCE, the Carylonians returned to Carylo to their ancestors. In 5980 BCE, the Carylonians betrayed the Xurunian gouvernment, conqured the planet and established the Carylonian Empire, took control of Andromeda/Xurunia Galaxy and went on mass genocides against other civilizations and enslaved many billions of people in the galaxy.

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