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Carylonian, is a species that has evolved away from the Xurunian species. Over 460 million years ago, a very large group of the Xurunian civilization left home planet Carylo and called themselves Carylonians. Out in the universe, they went to Alvera Galaxy and destroyed Old Alveria, the old homeworld to the Alverian civilization. Later on, they went to Milky Way galaxy and settled on Venus in Sol System. They lived in the Sol System together with the Peurobian civilization who lived on Earth. Million years later, over 25 million years ago, the Carylonian-Peurobian War broke out and it nearly wiped out the Peurobians. The Carylonians later left Sol System and had a plan to return back to Xurunia Galaxy. They settled on Carylo II, a planet in the Cronos System and the Xurunians lived on Carylo in the same system.

Around 5980 BCE, a war broke out between the Carylonians and the Xurunians. The Carylonians wiped out the Xurunian gouvernment and invaded their homeworld. The same year, they established the Carylonian Empire and went out in Xurunia Galaxy and caused massive genocides against other civilizations. It took only a few weeks and they established totalitarian control of the entire galaxy.

Around 3279 BCE, the Carylonian Empire attacked Alveria, old homeworld to the Alverian civilization where the Alverians settled on after Old Alveria and Alvera Galaxy was destroyed over 460 million years before. Over 60% of the Alverian civilization perished. The remaining population settled on what was their colony, New Alveria.