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Commander Orana Alvena, born on old homeworld Alveria and re-born on planet Earth. He is the commander of the Alverian forces and an admiral of the military branch to the Inter-Galactic Alliance Federation. Theianya Alvena, the Grand Queen of New Alveria and Emperor Borana Alvena of the Alverian Federation is his parents.

Orana Alvena is the heir apparent as Emperor of the Alverian Federation after his father. Orana Alvena is married to Princess Zalena, A princess of the Alvazeranian civilization.

Commander Orana died in a battle against a war fleet from the Andromeda Galaxy, against a civilization called Cronosians. His soul were sent to a new planet, called Earth, and he were born there, in 2044 CE. He have formed an alliance, or more like a federation. A inter-galactic federation. He were sent to Earth, that the human civilization were gonna join the inter-galactic federation.

Orana Alvena is the main character of The Great Battle of The Universe stories.

Orana was married in the past with Princess Alexandria of Alveria in 8786 BCE until her death in 3279 BCE during the attack on their homeplanet Alveria by the Carylonian Empire.

On planet Earth he is named Commander Christopher Rankinson, what he is called by his Earth-parents.


The Great Battle of The Universe

  • His spaceship called Alvera, in a fight against the Andromeda Galaxy. The spaceship were destructed, with him inside it, and he died.
  • Re-born on Earth, 2044 CE.
  • Prince of New Alveria
  • Commander of the Alverian military army, appointed by Emperor Borana, his father
  • Moved to Mars with his parents at an age of 10
The Great Battle of The Universe 2[]
  • Living on New Alveria.
  • Visiting his old homeworld, Alveria.
  • Visiting Earth to help with their problems.