CMP, or called as Cronos Military Program, is designed by the Cronos Military Army, the Cronosian civilization from the Andromeda Galaxy. The CMP, is an extremely classified program and is about a plan for how to take over the entire universe and going over to the next universes that is out there. The plan is also about to construct an enormous machine to take all energy that all galaxies are producing and is containing. The Cronosian civilization is using this energy to build up their army, to build an entire army of robotic soldiers and giant spaceships, and warfleets. So for all, there is over 12 billion robot-soldiers in the Cronos Army. The public of the Cronosian civilization are living in a nightmare. After the Cronos Military took over everything, they have been living in fear that they one day will be destroyed. There is one leader sitting at the top in the Cronos Army, leader of the Andromeda Galaxy. He is known to be the most dangerous person in all the 7 universes that is existing. The Cronosian civilization are not only living on one planet. They are spread all around in the Andromeda Galaxy.

This kind of machine they are building, is capable of taking energy from all kind of stuffs. Black holes, stars, quasars, planets and even small objects such as comets and asteroids. Their targeted object is the black holes that are located in the center of a galaxy. It is known if the black hole in a galaxy losing energy, the galaxy is dying and also the stars that are located in a galaxy also losing energy, and will eventually in the end die.


  • Founded by the Cronos Army from the Andromeda Galaxy
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