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Earth is a terrestrial planet that is the homeworld to the human civilization. Earth is located in the Sol System which is located about halfway between the outer edge of Milky Way galaxy to the center. Earth has one Moon. In the 2050s, Sol United Alliance Federation was founded and all countries on Earth became one nation. Mars joined the alliance some years after it became permamently colonized.

In this science-fiction story, Earth has a bit of a different ancient history than in real-life. Many millions of years ago, Sol System was inhabited by two different civilizations, Peurobians and Carylonians. Earth was inhabited by the Peurobians, which makes them the ancestors to the present-day human civilization. Peurobians currently live now on a planet located around Alpha Centauri A. They left Earth around 24 million years ago and eventually in the end Sol System. Earth was Ground Zero in a war between these two civilizations. There was not much information of who claimed victory in this conflict, but both civilizations fled from the Sol System. The Carylonians went to Andromeda Galaxy and Peurobians went temporary to live on Saturn's moon Titan which was at that time habitable.

The rest of Earth's history follows the same path as in real-life Earth, up until 21st century. Commander Orana Alvena is born on Earth in 2044 CE. In the decade of 2020s, Earth began to experience the bad part of what overpopulation is causing but the human civilization didn't solve this until the end of the 21st century. This was the start of another extinction-level event. Human population on Earth stabilized in the beginning of the 22nd century and over 5 billion death tolls of the near extinction-level event from the 2060s to 2080s and out to the 2090s. Many humans were relocated to Mars. Around in 2090s, many humans were relocated back to Earth, but not all that left Earth in the 2060s.


2017 CE[]

Discussion of settling a colony on the Red Planet

2024 CE[]

DPRK and South-Korea begins with the reunification process

2027 CE[]

Evaquation of Japan. United Nations begins evaquation of the entire population of Japan to a quarantine zone in China. The island of Japan becomes uninhabitable for life after 5 months. Extreme overpopulation of Japan caused a major virus outbreak. To cure the population, the medical teams could not enter Japan because of the toxic virus, and therefore sent to a quarantine zone in China. The virus is not airborne

2028 CE[]

USA form in a new rule, that families are only allowed to have 3 children. China still allows families to have only 1 child. Families that is living in Europe are allowed to have only 2 children

2030 CE[]

Population reached 9.8 billion

2040 CE[]

All space agencies on Earth in a meeting with the UN, to form a colony on the Red Planet. The project to form a colony is agreed

2042 CE[]

12 astronauts being sent to the Red Planet to start building the colony. The astronauts are arriving in December the same year

2046 CE[]

The first 1,000 colonists are being sent to Mars to live in the colony.

2053 CE[]

Sol United Alliance Federation is founded, rebranded and redesigned from United Nations

2060 CE[]

NASA recieves a message from outer space and wants to talk with Commander Orana. The message contains that they need to contact back, and they are saying there is a communication device on Saturn's moon Titan. Therefore, NASA decides to set up a manned mission where Commander Orana will be sent to Titan to contact his civilization back. The mission will take 2 1/2 months to travel to Titan, from Earth

2061 CE[]

Manned mission to Saturn's moon Titan. Commander Orana is being sent to contact his civilization in the solarsystem Alvera, 1500 light-years from Earth

2062 CE[]

Arrival of the Alvena family on Earth to meet Commander Orana Alvena. Onboard is his father Emperor Borana and his mother Theianya Alvena, the Grand Queen of the Alverian Federation. Accompanying them is his brother Kandor Alvena, his sister Athenia Alvena and also his wife Princess Zalena Laranii Alvena.

2065 CE[]

Population reached 11 billion. Commander Orana revisiting Earth to help the human civilization to prevent their own extinction. Same year, a diplomatic alliance between the humans and the Peurobians was formed. Peurobians was aiding them to construct a new type of hyperdrive engine for spaceships to open up the possibility for interstellar travel

2067 CE[]

The war against the Carylonian Empire from the Andromeda Galaxy begins. The human civilization take part in the war. The war causing significant damage on Earth and the Moon

2068 CE[]

Human civilization facing the era of extinction. There is heavy losses in the population due to atmospheric changes to Earth. The same year, Sol United Alliance Federation is preparing for an evacuation plan to move much of Earth's population to the planet Mars. Mars will then have a population of over 2.5 billion people

2069 CE[]

This is the year were the war against the Carylonian Empire ends. The Carylonian Empire surrenders, the civil people choosing a new leader to have more freedom. One year later the newly founded Xurunian Federation joins back in again in the Universal Galactic Alliance Federation for talks with the other leaders in the universe to have a closer relationship and a closer bond for cooperation. On Earth, the aftermath of the war is only minor.

2070s CE[]

Relocation of many humans from Earth to Mars begins. Some humans move to Peurobia in Alpha Centauri System together with the Peurobians, the ancestors to the humans using a new type of hyperdrive engine fitted on spaceships for interstellar travel that the Peurobians helped to construct

2080s CE[]

Population of Earth down to just over 3 billion due to massive relocation to Mars. Estimated death toll after the near extinction-level event is between 5 and 6 billion humans. Over two and a half billion people were moved from Earth to Mars increasing the population of Mars from around 1.7 million to over 2.5 billion. On average per year, death toll is between 250-300 million. Birth rates were also extremely low compared to death rates between 2060s to late 2080s.

2083 CE[]

2000 humans moving away from Earth to the very first human-colonized planet outside the Sol System, to Veros Eridani II, 38.2 light-years away

2084 CE[]

Another 200,000 citizens on Earth moving to the human-colonized planet outside the Sol System, Veros Eridani II located 38.2 light-years away

2090s CE[]

Under 1 billion people are relocating back to Earth, post near extinction-level event. In the 2090s, Earth is having a population of just over 4 billion and Mars someway under 2 billion