Gliese 667


Gliese 667 C is a real-life red dwarf star in the Milky Way Galaxy. Gliese 667 C is in a star system with 3 stars. This star system is located 22 light-years from Sol system, in the Scorpius constellation. It is orbiting one habitable planet and the planet's name is Zalena, and is known to have 2 moons, called Nova Zalena and Eridani Zalena. The planet is likely inhabited by an intelligent civilization.


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             Name: Gliese 667 C
      Star system: Gliese 667
    Constellation: Scorpius
             ​Info: Red dwarf
    Spectral type: M1.5V
          Planets: 7
Habitable planets: 1
         Distance: 22 LY
      Temperature: 3,700 K
         Rotation: 105 days

    Known planets: Zalena

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