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The Great Battle of The Universe is an upcoming sci-fi, adventure, fantasy and romance film and literature. The Great Battle of The Universe tells about an amazing story, where a person, named Commander Orana Alvena, that is reborn on Earth in human form but his soul is Alverian. He was reborn on Earth after he died in a battle and the goddess Alveria seemed to have some further plans for him in the universe. He does great things for humankind in furthering space exploration and technological advance

Plot Synopsis

We start off over nearly 5,000 years in the past on planet Alveria in Alvera System, 1500 light-years from Earth. On this planet we find the Alverian civilization. Here we meet the main characters of the story, Commander Orana Alvena and his wife Alexandria, and we also meet the family to Orana Alvena, his father King and Emperor named Borana Alvena and his mother Grand Queen of Alveria named Theianya Alvena, and also his brother and sister Kandor and Athenia.

One day the Xurunian civilization came and attacked their homeworld and losses were up in billions. The remaining Alverians left their homeworld and went to a colonized moon in the Alvera System named New Alveria.

The main-person in the story, is named Orana Alvena. He is known as the Commander/Admiral of the military division in the Inter-Galactic Alliance Federation, and his own father is the Commander-in-chief, King Borana Alvena. Commander Orana Alvena died in a horrifying battle against an evil civilization from the Andromeda Galaxy(Xurunia Galaxy). They shot down his spaceship. He then awakens on Earth, sent by his own Goddess of the planet New Alveria, Goddess Alveria. This battle is set in the year 2042 CE

His soul were sent to Earth by her, and then he were born on Earth. He were sent to Earth, to tell the humans about the danger that is out there and their own solarsystem is at risk of getting involved in this conflict. The humans is joining a federation, an inter-Galactic Alliance Federation(IGAF). A federation about different civilizations in the Milky Way and other places in The Universe need to cooperate to make peace and tranquility in the universe. This are what all civilizations are fighting for. It is only one civilization who doesn't follow this, and are the only threatening civilization in The Universe, and that is they from the Andromeda Galaxy. That is what we humans call it. To the known civilizations in the universe, it is called Xurunia Galaxy.

And the humans, on Earth, is the only civilization in the Milky Way that hasn't joined this federation.

In 2044, Orana is being born on Earth, so the beginning is set 8 years earlier.

Intro of the story will start in 2042 and then when Orana is on Earth it will be in the year 2044.

The Great Battle of The Universe will have 4 stories covering the 21st century. 2 sequels to the first one and one prequel that sets before the first one. The prequel will have a very different timeline, which will cover some background story between the Alverian and the Xurunian civilization.