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The Great Battle of The Universe is an upcoming sci-fi, action, adventure film which is written by Kristoffer Stendal. Kristoffer Stendal is a man from Norway, looking to be a movie producer and show the story he wants to tell the world. The Great Battle of The Universe tells about an amazing story, where a person, named Commander Chris, coming to visit planet Earth and wants the humans to take part of a federation he have started to prevent harm of the future of The Universe. Commander Chris is an Alverian. Coming from a solarsystem located 1046 light-years away from Earth on a beautiful moon called Janus.

Plot Synopsis

The story takes first place in the year 2036 AD, in a fictional solarsystem far away from Earth, on a habitable moon called Janus, 1046 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius

===The main-person in the story, is named Chris. He is known as the Vice leader/Commander of Milky Way, and his own father is The Great leader of Milky Way. He died in a horrifying battle against an evil civilization from the Andromeda Galaxy. They shot down his spaceship. He then awakens on Earth, sent by his own Goddess of the planet Janus.

His soul were sent to Earth by her, and then he were born on Earth. He were sent to Earth, to tell the humans about the danger that is out there. The humans need to join a federation, an Outer Galactic Federation(OGF). A federation about different civilizations in the Milky Way and other places in The Universe need to cooperate to make peace and tranquility in the universe. This are what all civilizations are fighting for. It is only one civilization who doesn't follow this, and are the only threatening civilization in The Universe, and that is they from the Andromeda Galaxy.

And the humans, on Earth, is the only civilization in the Milky Way that hasn't joined this federation.

In 2040, Chris is being born on Earth. 14th of august, tuesday. He first don't know where he is. He starting asking questions of where he is, but then he realize where he is. He realizes that he is on Earth, why he is there. He is born as a human, but that doesn't take away his memory about where he is really coming from. Later in is childhood on Earth, when he grows older, his Earth-parents notice that he isn't like everyone else on Earth. He can't speak the language in the country he lives in. He only speak english and his own language, known as Janusian. Then FBI get known about this, and starting investigating it. They ask him a lot of questions of where he is from, who he are, and why he is on Earth. Later NASA get also known about this, and they and FBI need to hide the info about his identity.

In 2030s, there is living over 120 million people in New York City.

Population of Earth; 9.8 billion

A lot of people in New York City are living in giant skyscrapers, each fitting over 40,000 residents.

In Japan: Deserted!!! In 2027 Japan was evaquated, wide spread diseases, and the whole Island Japan was set into quarantine

In China: Population; 2.2 billions. The whole country is like a concrete jungle. The great rainforests in China has been destroyed to build super-cities. Which means outstanding large citites.

In 2057, he speaking with the President of the United States and says that we need to prepare for a war. He and his civilization gives Earth some kind of a detection device that see if unknown passing into the humans solar system, and also the President need to sign under some kind of a contract. First they need to set up a meeting, all leaders in the Outer-Galactic Federation, coming to Earth and other big leaders in the Milky Way and some areas around Milky Way and other places in The Universe.

And this happens in the year 2062.

In the Andromeda Galaxy lies a very evil civilization that are planning to take over Milky Way and the entire universe. This will be the biggest war no civilization in the entire universe have seen before. They need to do something, to prevent this armageddon.

An another universe also exist, some of them coming to help and take down the evil people from the galaxy M31.

There is existing 7 universes. That is the Andromeda Galaxy civilization's plan to take over these universes. If they taking down the defense system, known as the Universal Federation(or Outer-Galactic Federation;OGF). They kan rule over an entire universe, then they can travel to an another universe and fight and destroy everything there.

It's just a question, of who will win this battle. If the M31 people takes over. It's the end for all civilizations in this Universe we are living in.

And this is what is called, the battle of The Universe.===

The Great Battle of The Universe Upcoming Movie franchise

The Great Battle of The Universe Upcoming Movie franchise

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