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The Great Battle of The Universe is an upcoming sci-fi, adventure, fantasy and romance film which is written by Kristoffer Stendal. Kristoffer Stendal is a man from Norway, looking to be a movie producer and show the story he wants to tell the world. The Great Battle of The Universe tells about an amazing story, where a person, named Commander Orana Alvena, coming to visit planet Earth and wants the humans to take part of a federation he have started to prevent harm of the future of The Universe. Commander Orana Alvena is an Alverian. Coming from a solarsystem located 1050 light-years away from Earth on a beautiful moon called Janus.

Plot Synopsis

The story takes first place in the year 2036 AD(Earth time), in a fictional solarsystem far away from Earth, on a habitable moon called Janus, 1050 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius

The main-person in the story, is named Orana Alvena. He is known as the Vice leader/Commander of Milky Way, and his own father is The Great leader of Milky Way. He died in a horrifying battle against an evil civilization from the Andromeda Galaxy. They shot down his spaceship. He then awakens on Earth, sent by his own Goddess of the planet Janus.

His soul were sent to Earth by her, and then he were born on Earth. He were sent to Earth, to tell the humans about the danger that is out there. The humans need to join a federation, an inter-Galactic Alliance Federation(IGAF). A federation about different civilizations in the Milky Way and other places in The Universe need to cooperate to make peace and tranquility in the universe. This are what all civilizations are fighting for. It is only one civilization who doesn't follow this, and are the only threatening civilization in The Universe, and that is they from the Andromeda Galaxy.

And the humans, on Earth, is the only civilization in the Milky Way that hasn't joined this federation.

In 2044, Orana is being born on Earth.


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