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Kepler Eridani is a gas giant planet orbiting the sun-like star Veros Eridani, 38.2 light-years from Earth. The planet belongs to the human civilization, after they colonized the Veros Eridani solarsystem in the year 2083. Kepler Eridani is far bigger than Jupiter so this gas giant is the cause of why there are few planets in this Extrasolar System.

Kepler Eridani has a ringsystem around it, with very small and large moons. There are 38 moons orbiting it, but number of minormoons is not established. There is 85 unconfirmed number of total moons around Kepler Eridani. The 3 largest moons are icy objects, with a thin atmosphere, only a small amount of oxygen.

Kepler Eridani were named after the German astronomer Johannes Kepler.