Luma Boliverius

A view of Luma Boliverius. It isn't very much light on this world.


Luma Boliverius is a very cold planet located around a blue hypergiant star called Boliverius Alvera D, located 8 light-years from the main star, Boliverius Alvera A. Luma Boliverius D is located 1492 light-years from Earth, while Boliverius Alvera A is located 1500 light-years from Earth.

There is located a science research facility outpost on Luma Boliverius, owned by the Alverian civilization. The temperature falls down to -121 degrees fahrenheit on the night, and -13 degrees fahrenheit  at the warmest on the average day-temperature. There are 1200 scientists working at the science facility, and they are the only population of Luma Boliverius. They travel from and to their homeworld Janus by starship vessels.

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