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Location of Aeolis City, Aeolis Mons(Mount Sharp). The image were taken by the Curiosity rover in August 2013.


Mars, or known as the "Red Planet" is a planet located in the Sol system, where the human civilization is from. Mars, a planet covered in a desert-landscape, is being visited by humans a lot. In the first time, probes were visiting Mars, then rovers, driving around the surface, then visited by humans. Around the 2020s it were for the first time sent manned missions, and Mars is a proposed target for being colonized by the humans.


  • 2022 AD: First manned mission to Mars
  • 2046 AD: The first 1,000 colonists are being sent to Mars to live in the colony.

                 Name: Mars
                Class: Planet
                 Type: Terrestrial
             Diameter: 6792.4 km
                Moons: 2(Phobos, Deimos)
       Orbital period: 686.971 Earth days
Distance to it's star: 1.52 AU
         ​Name of star: Sol/Sun
         Solar system: Sol system
            Habitable: No, but were colonized in 2046 AD.
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