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Mars, or known as the "Red Planet" is the fourth planet from Sol and one of the terrestrial planets in Sol System. Mars, a planet covered in a desert-landscape, is being visited by humans a lot. In the first time, probes were visiting Mars, then robotic rovers, driving around the surface, then visited by humans. Around the 2020s it were for the first time sent manned missions, and Mars is a proposed target for being colonized by the humans. After a few visits, all the space agencies on Earth joined together in an effort to build a large city on Mars, able to host over 2 million people. To do so, they created a work-force of robots to build this city before the colonization begins.

During the second half of the 21st century, human civilization is at the tipping point in the 6th oncoming extinction-level event. Several cities are being built on Mars to get much of Earth's population relocated to Mars to prevent extinction. By the end of the 21st century, over two and a half billion people were relocated to Mars, but Earth's population suffered heavy losses with a death toll over 5 billion. Also, during second half of 21st century, the terraforming progress begun to make Mars habitable with a breathable atmosphere, but it wasn't until second half of 22nd century it started to kick off.


Mars is an autonomous federal state under Sol United Alliance Federation and autonomously controlled by the Martian Autonomous Republican Federation under a president.


Every 5 years there is a general election assembly both on Earth and Mars, to select the new Secretary-General of SUAF and President of Mars. In 2058 CE, was the 1st President of Mars selected when MARF was founded and same year it was supposed to select the new Secretary-General of SUAF. The people of Mars wanted change, and one of the first decree of the new Secretary-General in SUAF in 2058 CE was to announce Mars as an autonomous federal state and select the 1st President of Mars


Mars is part of a military alliance with Earth in the Sol United Military Alliance and commanded by David Rankinson. In 2060 CE, Mars founded it's own military fleet, United Martian Military Alliance.


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Settlement on Mars began in the 2020s, when the first manned missions on Mars began. In the 2030s, the construction of Aeolis City began and in the early 2040s, high population of Mars started. In the 2050s it was living over 1 million people on Mars


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Known inhabitants[]


  • 2022 CE: First manned mission to Mars
  • 2046 CE: The first 1,000 colonists are being sent to Mars to live in the colony. Already in the early 2050s there are over 150,000 humans living on Mars and late part of 2050s there is over 1.7 million inhabitants
  • 2053 CE: Co-founder of Sol United Alliance Federation
  • 2058 CE: Formation of Martian Autonomous Republican Federation
  • 2070s CE: Massive relocation of humans from Earth to Mars
  • 2080 CE: Around this time the population is over 3 billion
  • 2090s CE: Relocation of around over 1 billion humans back to Earth, but many stayed behind on Mars.