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New Alveria is a temperate rainforest moon that is the homeworld to the Alverian civilization. It is orbiting around a gas giant planet called Vertilu in the Alvera System around it's parent star Alvera A. It is located 1500 light-years from Earth, or 460 parsecs. From a viewpoint from Earth, it is located in the Sagittarius constellation so it is closer to the center of Milky Way galaxy.

For many thousands of years it has been the homeworld of the Alverian civilization but before 3200 BCE it has been a colony to them. After the Carylonian Empire attacked their homeworld Alveria, they relocated the remaining people to this world.

In 2098 CE, an asteroid/minor planet called Zandera have a chance of threatening the system of the planet Vertilu, and that also include the Alverian homeworld. This is certainly a disadvantage of living on this world orbiting a gas giant planet, because it has a high gravitational pull and attracts objects coming close by.