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Peurobia, is an Earth-sized terrestrial planet located in the Alpha Centauri System, orbiting around Alpha Centauri A. It is the closest exoplanet to Sol System. The planet is habitable and is inhabited by the Peurobian civilization, that is later known as the ancestors to the human civilization that live in Sol System. Around 24 million years ago it was inhabited by the Peurobians after they left Sol System with the war with the Cronosians/Xurunians. The population at this time was around 200,000 of the Peurobians. They were over 3.5 billion before the war and it almost made them extinct

Alliance with the humans[]

The collaboration with the humans from Sol System began around mid-2060s and from there it has gone really well. Some humans from Sol System have migrated to Peurobia and they live and work there. There is also a trading route between Peurobia and Sol System and few times a year there is a tourist vessel departing from Earth to Peurobia. The migration started around when the evacuation of humans from Earth began. Most humans moved to Mars, but there were some that instead moved to Peurobia




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