The Peurobian-Carylonian War I was a conflict that resulted into a war between the Peurobian and the Carylonian civilization. It took place in the humans Sol System 24 million years ago, long before the era of the human civilization. The war led to that the Peurobian civilization had to leave Earth. It was damage on both sides. After the war, the Carylonian civilization left the Sol System and the Peurobians never saw them again. They later heard, they headed to the Xurunia Galaxy, which is their origin, which is where their ancestors are living. The Peurobians established a colony on Saturn's largest moon Titan and some several outposts in the outer Sol System. Later, they left the Sol System and moved to the nearest starsystem, Alpha Centauri. They found a habitable world there which wasn't inhabited. The war resulted in a heavily decrease of the Peurobian population. The population decreased from 6.8 billion to 200,000 people.

In present time, population is 3.5 billion


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