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Living: Peurobia
Location: Milky Way Galaxy
Star: Peuroba A aka Alpha Centauri A
Distance: 4.366 LY
Race: Peurobian
Sex: Male, female
Number: 3,500,000,000 people
              200,000 people(after Peurobian-Cronosian/Xurunian War I)
        6,800,000,000 people(before Peurobian-Cronosian/Xurunian War I)


Peurobian is a civilization living on a planet called Peurobia, orbiting a sun-like binary star called Peuroba, actually called Alpha Centauri A, just 4.366 light-years away. It is the civilization living closest to the humans. The Peurobians lived before in the Sol System, until they leaved around 20 million years ago, after a war against the Cronosian civilization. The Peurobians lived before on a very different planet Earth, and the Cronosians lived on a once before habitable Venus. The Peurobians were the first ones, noticing some changes to the Cronosians, and they found out later what they were up to. They found out that they were up to a plan to harvest all energy from the Milky Way's black hole, and that would darken the whole Milky Way galaxy, because the whole galaxy will lose energy if it is losing the black hole located in it's center. It later broke out a terrible war, but the Peurobians won the war, but the Cronosians leaved the Sol System, and never returned. After the war, most of the homes to the Peurobians were destroyed, and almost the whole civilization were killed in the war, only 200000 remained, so they decided to leave Earth. They later moved to Saturn's largest moon Titan, and later they leaved the Sol System, until they found a habitable world around the nearest starsystem that wasn't inhabited.