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Princess Zalena, or Princess of New Alveria, was born around 984 CE on Old Zerania in Alvazerania System in Andromeda/Xurunia Galaxy and lived with her mother and father, Queen Zaroja Laranii and Zerdak Laranii. Her full name is Zalena Laranii and took the name Alvena as surname when she got married to Commander Orana Alvena of the Alvera System, the main character of this sci-fi story. She got married to Orana Alvena in 2042 CE. She reunited with Orana Alvena in the 2060s when he was re-born on Earth in Sol System in 2044 CE. Father-in-law are Emperor Borana Alvena and mother-in-law are Grand Queen of New Alveria, Theianya Alvena.

Princess Zalena was only a young child when the homeplanet to the Alvazeranians was invaded and attacked by the Xurunian Empire with more destructions and conquering of other world's throughout around Andromeda/Xurunia Galaxy. She managed to escape together with her mother and many other Alvazeranians. Her father died while he was on one of the moons orbiting around Old Zerania


  • Known as "Princess Zalena" and "Princess of New Alveria"
  • Spouse to Commander Orana Alvena