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The Saranian civilization is living in the Sarania System, 20.549 light-years from Sol System. The planet is located in a real extrasolar system we know about, Gliese 581. Their homeworld is called Sarkania, after their mighty war-god which is called Sarkania. Their population is up to around 8.2 billion. The Saranians is part of the Sarkania Empire, led by Emperor Karana and Prime Minister Kailan Sarkuna.

It has been also some conflicts before a long time ago between the Saranians and other civilizations due to some involvement with the Carylonians, but they have came to an agreement, and the Saranians are one of the allies in the Universal Galactic Alliance Federation. They were once before allied with the Carylonian civilization but later broke the alliance and started a new one with the Alverians.


  • The leader of the Saranian civilization is Emperor Karana
  • There are 8.2 billion people in total Saranians.
  • Saranians homeworld are called Sarkania