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The Saranian civilization is living in the Gliese 581 solarsystem. They are not actually originally from there, but they live there. They are living on the real-life Gliese 581 g planet. Their planets is called Sarkania, after they mighty war-god which is caled Sarkania. Their population is up to 2.3 billion. They who is leading the world is the Saranii Military Alliance(SMA). And the Saranians are known to be one of the most intelligent species in the Milky Way galaxy. They are also friendly and they are part of the Universal Military Alliance, which is formed by the Alverian commander, Com. Orana Alvena. Then we have the Lt. Zona Alvena, Orana's brother who is at the side of him, and then the Deputy Commander Zalena.

It has been also some conflicts between the Saranians and the other civilizations, because of disagreements, and there is not much news from them.


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