Founded: 2022 AD
    Leader: Commander David Rankinson
Vice-Leader: Commander Christopher Rankinson

Founded by: World Council
Population: 270,000 soldiers
             13,000 scientists
              8,000 engineers


SHMA, is founded by the World Council on the planet Earth. Commander David Rankinson, previously was in charge of the U.S Navy, were promoted to stay in charge of the SHMA, and giving messages to the World Council about missions and more updates. Their mission is to save people on Earth that are in war and are also in charge of planning manned missions to other worlds in the solarsystem.

In 2051, SHMA founded a military training camp for youths on Mars, for people between the age of 12 to 18. The military training camp are located about 2 km outside Aeolis City. Already in 2054 it had a population of over 35000 young kids that will be soldiers some day for the SHMA.

In 2064, leader of SHMA, Commander David Rankinson died in a tragical spaceship crash on Saturn's largest moon Titan. His son, Commander Christopher Rankinson then, became the next leader of SHMA.

When Commander Orana Alvena came to Earth, their scientists and engineers were giving the mission to design a new kind of spaceship to transport him to the moon Titan, orbiting Saturn, that he could contact his civilization. They recieved a message from the military alliance to the Alverian civilization that if the humans could send a message back, they needed a better technology, and that kind of technology were located on Titan, because several millenias ago there were an another civilization living on Saturn's moon Titan. It located some communication-tech on Titan.

After that, the humans knew they weren't alone in the universe, and the Alverians recommended them to build up their military. So they did.

Already in the 2061 AD, there were over 1.5 million soldiers in the SHMA.


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