The Great Battle Of The Universe Wiki
Civilization: Human
 Solarsystem: Sol system
      Origin: Earth
Other locations: Moon, Mars, Triton
              2035 AD: 3,800,000 robots
              2038 AD: 5,000,000 robots


The 2030s on Earth is known to be the next giant leap for mankind in developing new technology. It's been called the Robotic Era. Already in that time, before Commander Orana came to the humans, World Council wanted to expand the space exploration program. Therefore, the World Council decided to build a robotic army that would join humans in space exploration to other worlds in the Sol System. They are now called: Sol Robotic Military Alliance(SRMA). Sol is referring to the human's solarsystem.

In the 2042 the construction of a human colonization started on the planet Mars. Over 10000 robots were sent there to start the construction and finish it. They constructed a city that would have a human population of 2 millions. The city were called Aeolis City.

Already in the year 2038 AD, there were over 5 million robots in the SRMA.


  • Created to prevent alien invasion.
  • Founded by the World Council