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Theiana is a terraformed planet orbiting sun-like star Alvera F in the Alvera stellar system. It has 3 moons orbiting it. One is a bit smaller than Earth's moon and two other's are the size of large asteroids. The planet was terraformed by the Alverian civilization. This planet is where the Alverians grow most of their food, so much of the planet are farmland. Because it is terraformed, there is very few animals here that have been brought over here by the Alverians so animals haven't appeared naturally over time. It is just microorganisms and a lot of flora on this planet. Alvera F is separated by 20 light-years from Alvera A, where the Alverian civilization is from. The Alverian civilization has a space station base, orbiting Theiana. This space station is set up there, because when there is spaceships that is on it's way out of Alvera System. There is also a research/science lab onboard the station to monitor the planet from orbit and supply deliveries.

There is a small population that work and live on Theiana


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