Titan is Saturn's moon in the Sol system, known as where the human civilization are living. Titan is a toxic world, covered with methane lakes. After NASA got recieved a message from the Alverian civilization that there are alien technology there, they think that there might have lived a civilization there millions of years ago.


  • In 2060 AD, Commander Orana are being sent from Earth to find the communication device, that he can contact his civilization, so that they know where he is located in the Milky Way Galaxy.

                   Name: Titan
                  Class: Moon
                   Type: Terrestrial
               Diameter: 5152 km
         Orbital period: 15.945 Earth days
        Orbiting planet: Saturn
Distance to it's planet: 1,221,870 km
           ​Name of star: Sol/Sun
           Solar system: Sol system
              Habitable: No
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