United Nations Planetary Space Exploration were founded in the year 2028 A.D

The main mission was to gather all countries in the world capable of sending manned missions to the Moon and beyond. USA, Russia, Japan and France were the first countries joining UNPSE.

First mission was to form a permament human colony on Mars, and continue to explore the solarsystem.

In 2036, was the first manned mission to Jupiter, following a manned mission to Saturn the year later. The missions was to send 8 astronauts to explore Jupiter's moon Europa, and to Saturn was to send 8 astronauts to Saturn's largest moon Titan, and also exploring another moon to Saturn called Rhea. Other proposed missions was to one of the moons to Uranus and Neptune. The founding of UNPSE, was to fastforward the space exploration, till the human civilization will be an interstellar race. It was the father to David Anderson, commander of Sol Humanitarian Military Alliance who proposed this organization to be founded. His name was John Anderson, the grandfather to Chris Anderson, a soldier in the Sol Humanitarian Military Alliance, who later became the Commander of SHMA in the year 2068.

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