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Veros Eridani II is an Earth-sized planet, located in the Sagittarius constellation with a distance of 38.2 light-years away from Earth. It is orbiting around a sun-like star with a total of 5 planets. The planet is slightly larger than Earth but not classified as a Super-Earth. Veros Eridani II is the first planet that has been colonized by humans outside their own Solar System. The colonization began in 2083, where 2000 scientists travelled to the planet to investigate, and do some science. The colonization were accepted by the Inter-Galactic Alliance Federation. The mission were planned by the Sol United Alliance Federation. In 2084, the total population on Veros Eridani had reached 200000, after more colonists were sent.

Commander Ron Anderson are the leading commander of the colony.

Veros Eridani II are known to have one moon orbiting it, called Eris Eridani, which is an icy moon.


Veros Eridani II has a massive supercontinent covering mostly half the planet. The supercontinent is very mountainous in many places and the topography and nature is similiar to the Rocky Mountains on Earth.


Veros Eridani II is a temperate/subtropical rainforest world, with 55% water and 45% landmass. Because the supercontinent is similiar to the Rockies on Earth, the climate is not the same. In fact, it has a somewhat warmer climate without the cold winters.

Known inhabitants[]