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Vertilu is a massive gas giant planet about the size of Jupiter. It is located in the Alvera System around the sun-like star Alvera A, located 1500 light-years from Sol system. Vertilu has over 58 moons orbiting it, with two terraformed moons(New Alveria and Khan'Aliana), and is inhabited by the advanced intelligent civilization called Alverians. Vertilu has a ring-system similiar to Saturn. It is expanding from 180,000 to 370,000 km.

In 2098 CE, an asteroid named Zandera, has a very high chance of impact with Vertilu and also threaten the homeworld to the Alverians. It is possibly it can break apart when approaching Vertilu, because the asteroid has an unusual shape and that is due to an earlier close approach with Vertilu. Vertilu is the largest object orbiting Alvera A(except for companion star Alvera B), so it does attract objects coming close by.


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