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View of Vertilu from Janus.jpg|View of gas giant Vertilu from inhabited moon Janus
Orvania.jpg|ice-moon Orvania
Janus sunset.jpg|View of Vertilu from Janus, sunset
2012 JA05 asteroid Janus(2).jpg|View of Vertilu from above the atmosphere of Janus
Vertiluandatlanticusalv (4).png|Concept art of the gas giant Vertilu and inhabited moon Janus. No planetary ring effects added.

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Vertilu is a massive gas giant planet about the size of Jupiter. It is located in the Boliverius Alvera stellar neighbourhood around the sun-like star Boliverius Alvera A, located 1500 light-years from Sol system. Vertilu has over 58 moons orbiting it, with one habitable moon, and is inhabited by an alien race called Alverians.


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