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The Xurunians is a very old civilization that lives in Xurunia Galaxy, or known as the Andromeda Galaxy. They appeared 500 million years after when Andromeda Galaxy was formed, which was 10 billion years ago.

460 million years ago, a group called Carylonians separated from the Xurunians in the Xurunian Galactic Federation. A few years later, the Carylonians destroyed former homeplanet to the Alverian civilization Old Alveria in Alvera Galaxy and also destroyed Alvera Galaxy aswell. They later went and settled in the Milky Way galaxy on planet Venus in Sol System.

25 million years ago, sometime after the Carylonian-Peurobian War, the Carylonians left Venus and returned to Xurunia Galaxy to reunite with the Xurunians. There, they formed the Xurunian Union together with the Xurunians. The Carylonians settled on another planet located in Cronos System.

In the year 5980 BCE, the Xurunians was betrayed by the Carylonians and the Xurunian Union was dissolved, the Xurunian gouvernment was massacred, the Xurunian people was isolated on Carylo and then the Carylonian Empire was formed. Later, the Carylonians went out in Xurunia Galaxy and caused massive genocides against other civilizations and also enslaved.