Living: Xurunia Galaxy/Andromeda
         Cronos Nebula 
   Race: Cronosian 
    Sex: Male, female, robots 
 Height: ? 
 Number: 12,700,000,000 people 
         3,000,000,000 androids 


Cronosian is an extremely intelligent civilization living in the Andromeda Galaxy. They are an enemy to the other civilizations in the universe. They have plans to take out all civilizations and take control of the Milky Way, and then rest of the universe.


  • Killed the leader of The Universe, Commander Orana Alvena in a battle. When Commander Orana were re-born on Earth, he gathered the other civilizations to make a big war fleet and attack the Cronosian people and take out their leader, and take control of the Cronosian people.
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