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A view of the Andromeda Galaxy, or as all civilizations know, it is called as the Xurunia Galaxy.


The Xurunians was an ancient civilization that was born 9.5 billion years ago in the Xurunia Galaxy, or known as the Andromeda Galaxy. They appeared 500 million years after when Andromeda Galaxy was formed, which was 10 billion years ago.

The Xurunians was one of the most powerful leaders in the universe, they are known as close relatives to the Cronosian civilization. History tells that the Xurunians started to take control of the Milky Way Galaxy. It was an endless war. A war that lasted in millions of years, until the first leader of the Alverian civilization appeared, Commander Boran Alvena'ora. He wiped out the entire Xurunian civilization. Or as they thought. A small group of them, now called the Cronosian civilization, dissapeared and established themselves in the Milky Way Galaxy and settled on the planet Venus in Sol System. They broke out in a war with a civilization called Peurobians that lived on Earth before the humans. It broke out a massive war and the Peurobians nearly got extinct. Xurunians and the Peurobians was once before allied with eachother, but resulted in a very bad relationship. Peurobians escaped the Sol System and so did the Xurunians and went back to Andromeda Galaxy to conquer it. Mostly all civilizations in the Andromeda Galaxy were wiped out and some were enslaved. Some were able to escape to Milky Way galaxy and other nearby ones but many civilizations were entirely wiped out. For many thousands of years, Xurunia Galaxy was off-limits for anyone to travel to as it would possibly escalate into another war with them. Andromeda Galaxy was in total control by the Xurunians up until around 2070s AD when their supreme leader was killed and the population established a new gouvernment to bring peace. The Alverians were very helpful with establishing a cooperation and joined the Galactic Alliance Federations