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Auriga.jpg|Auriga and the planet it is orbiting
Auriga.jpg|Auriga and the planet it is orbiting

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Aurigan is a civilization, living on a habitable moon that mostly consists of water, but have land also. It is located 53.9 light-years from planet Earth, around the sun-like star Psi5 Aurigae. They are a very small number of them. They are 150 million people.


  • The leader of the Psi5 Aurigae solarsystem, Auriga, is the uncle to Commander Chris, and the brother to the leader of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Leader Auriga visiting Earth for the inter-galactic and the outer-galactic meeting to set up a plan to attack the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • Leader Auriga visiting world Janus to meet on the wedding for Commander Chris and Alexandria.