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Zaroja, or Commander Zaroja, is an Alvazeranian and the leader of the civilization. Zaroja has one daughter, named Zalena, known as Princess Zalena. She mostly are sitting in the Council of the Inter-Galactic Alliance Federation, a united alliance both military and diplomatic of all civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy.

The people call Zaroja, "Goddess Zaroja". For they she is known as a goddess. She has been leading her civilizations through bad times, such as a war against the Xurunians from Andromeda/Xurunia Galaxy. They left in the end the galaxy and went to Milky Way galaxy and settled on a planet in Lara System, over 8,891 light-years from Earth. Host star to their homeworld is a blue giant so for the past several hundred years they have been relocating their population to a new planet around the real star Gliese 667 C called Gliese 667 Ce, or for them called New Zerania. It was uninhabited and not habitable so they have been terraformed this planet and it is similiar in size to their old homeworld Zerania IV