Zerania IV is a planet orbiting a blue giant star located in the constellation Aquarius, 22 light-years from Sol sytem. The planet Zerania IV is inhabited by an intelligent civilization.

It is orbiting 2 moons around Zerania IV. They are called Nova Zerania and Eridani Zerania.


  • Inhabited by an intelligent civilization
  • The only gender of the intelligent civilization is females.

                 Name: Zerania IV
                Class: Planet
                 Type: Terrestrial
             Diameter: 20,800 km
                Moons: 2(Nova Zerania,
                       Eridani Zerania)
       Orbital period: 28.1 Earth days
Distance to it's star: 0.1251 AU
  Distance from Earth: 22 LY
         ​Name of star: Lara 3
         Solar system: Lara
        Constellation: Aquarius
            Habitable: Yes, inhabited

                 Info: Orbiting a red dwarf star in it's "Goldilocks zone". The
                       planet is habitable and is inhabited by an intelligent
                       civilization theat there is only females. Their Goddess
                       is named Zalena.

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